love thing.

1) this blog by my new friend emily, the best thing i did today. she writes down the best part of her day in blog form.  today the best part was breakfast, talk about starting the day out right. super cute and inspiring.

2) child heartbreak. hopelessly adorable:

3) dark dark dark @ the cedar tonight. homecoming show for the band and a hometown release for their new EP bright bright bright. they were absolutely wonderful. i can't recommend this band enough and finally seeing them tonight was an absolute delight.

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grab a can and throw your man up.

some foreign explorin' in the other twincity.



{tilt} cart before the horse

i just stumbled upon these on etsy and immediately fell in love with the well combined detailing of embroidery, painting, & sewing on these slightly deranged whimsical dollies. traditionally folky, but yet dark & modern (a tim burton twist) - the best of both worlds.

and the Alice in Wonderland set is gorgeous! i love how alice's name is placed upon her smock.

bah, now if only i could afford even one.

via cart before the horse on etsy. (they also have a blog)


remember this project?

almost done with it. the bottom corner has been unfinished for acouple of weeks now.. i'll get around to it someday. not much crafting happing here at the deadbird hornhaus with me working everyday this week except tisdag. one more day then i'm free til torsdag.

also tonight is the final mnrg derby bout (championships) tonight. GOOOOO DAGGERDOLLS.  SKATE! FIGHT! DIE!