DIY - Sewing Jar

DIY - sewing jar

here's what you'll need:
  • a jar with lid
  • some stuffing
  • fabric larger than the size of the lid
  • glue (hot glue, super glue, liquid nails)


haus ideas


a pallet-top kitchen table with bike wheels on the bottom and maybe add some plywood between on the axels to store pots and pans.

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cunt 2 view 1

cunt 2 view 2

these have been on the back of my mind... the sculptures, i mean. i'm in the ever-slow process of building my new bike (dubbed bicyclit) and i figured that a cunt would be the perfect figurehead to my trek frame. i made the top one at 4am during a productive all-nighter. a few hours later i went downstairs to bake it and then to make tatertots for breakfast. i forgot to check on it and i melted it! so then i proceeded to make another... and here is the final product.

cunt 1 view 2

cunt 1 view 1


DIY resources,

because i don't run enough blogs: 1 2 3 4 5 already i've started one more for my love DIY. it's a resource hub for tutorials, e-books, articles on everything DIY. from gardening, to crafting and sewing, building, welding, etc!

... and if you want to submit or be a contributor let me know!


from dress to vest!

before deconstruction

i bought this dress at savers a while back, but it's obviously pretty big and bulky. however, i couldn't turn it down due to the awesome floral pattern and the amazing handpainted ceramic buttons...

button details

what was i going to make from the dress? i knew immediately, a nice tiny vest and maybe a matching skirt from the excess fabric. here's an in-progres shot


and the final product! i used one of my favorite buttons (pictured above) to be the clincher of the vest.


after debating for a while i decided that a matching skirt would be over kill... and there was so much of the fabric! the idea then sparked to make curtains. the best part is that the curtain that's on the door has a ginormous pocket on it for secret treasures.




in minneapolis we do mayday right... weather be damned. today i froze my ass off waiting and watching the hotb mayday parade. then i went home, changed my clothes, made some coffee and headed back out to perderhern (powderhorn) park to freeze my ass off some more and watch the ceremony. while i was hoping for sunshine and nice enough weather to wear a pretty dress, i still managed to have a good time. and now i can say that there ain't no mayday like a minneapolis mayday cause a minneapolis mayday don't stop (for snow flurries).

i've also started a new tradition of making some personal resolutions during mayday. i gave my self 9 easy goals to accomplish by fall, including restarting my failed 365 project.

later, inspired by a friends twitter i drew up a little something, something tonight after spending the night-in in order to warm-up...

preserving dissent

not sure what i want to do with it yet (maybe a linocut, patches?) or if i'll do anything with it at all, but it was nice to sit and doodle something for 20 minutes.