craftanigans for the week

  • let them eat kale linocut
  • craft harder birthday banner
  • vault hanging lights
  • TIWAFLL patch


mostly handmade christmas

i did handmade gifts for most of my family: an embroidery for my mom, a bookmark for my grandma, and shown in pieces above, a handstitched tractor plush for my grandpa. i worked on most of these while watching Dexter on netflix. i'm horribly addicted! overall each episode is pretty mundane, but the last 2 minutes of each show always ends in epic cliffhangers. i started season 3 last night, i'm so glad i don't have to wait each week like everyone else! i often watch an episode and the first 10 minutes of the next before going to bed, that way i don't have to be left in suspense, haha.


cross stitching on black fabric is like working with an itty-bitty litebrite. case in point: