i got 99 problems, but a post ain't one...

99th post, huzzah!

i picked up the USA bulletin board at a thrift store back home this week and stuck it in our kitchen as a "community bulletin board". it was missing a little something, something so i started methlab monday a little early (see also: sunday at 2:30AM) and voila! we already have a few fun events up there like Propagandhi at the Triple Rock and Chew & Swallow Gastrointestinal Circus. Not to mention a lovely note from our friends at RAN thanking us for letting them use our kitchen to prepare for our BBQ celebration today!

General Mills has adopted a sustainable palm oil policy, check out more information here!


current craftanigans

i assure you, on some universe this makes sense.


haus decorating!

i'm all moved in to my new haus, and still don't have internet. molly just moved in and holly will be moving in shortly. soon we will have a fullhaus! i've been keeping busy by mainly working a lot and doing little projects here and there... for example, i decorated the crafthutch on monday!

if tape/glue is sticky. and knives/scissors are sharp. then pens & markers would be.....? so far the best we've come up with is ink. 

that's all for now folks! i need to find some recipes on okra before i head out and enjoy the day.