take me for a riiide

i found this horrible excuse for a teeshirt at Savers a few weeks ago, and i immediately had to have it. I let it sit in my haus for a few days before i knew exactly what to do with it. my friend quynhippeg is leaving for seattle on tuesday and this was the perfect gift for her... once i gave it a make over.

the final product looked a little something like this

and this was her response when i gave it to her this morning. she said it was the most embarrassing gift she had ever received! well second after receiving an actual mustache in the mail.


making print.

i've been missing printmaking like mad and this photo is pretty badass! i definitely want to do this when i go back home sometime.

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tilt revolution

my internet has been buzzing with all sorts of political-creative-goodness this past week. allow me to share.

don't get caught in a bad hotel

a gaga inspired flashmob in san francisco!

Telephone Remake!

troops stationed in afghanistan remade GaGa's telephone which then led me to watch the real telephone which then turned into a lady gaga / beyonce youtube video marathon last night with two upstairs neighbors & friends!

Exhausted Noam Chomsky Just Going To Try And Enjoy The Day For Once
via the Onion.

follow up article: Chomsky too busy to ready the onion piece about him.

and my new personal hero, kannellos

Unfortunately, kannellos passed away in 2008, but this article says that his legacy lives on through Loukaniko a.k.a. Mr. Sausage. Hopefully one day tilly will grow up to be a big anarchist dog.

i think that's it.

what has been inspiring you revolutionaries these days?



working on a new Blog-As-A-Website for Youth Against War & Racism. 
under hella construction.