i'm spending my new years right.

a forty of sour glo-worms & the sims.


last night halfway through a grey's anatomy marathon (we watched the entire season 5 on dvd) i started my very first cross stitch. i picked up a tiny little kit at joanne's a while back, but never got around to it with the holidaze rush. i did most of it last night, and finished up the last bit this morning. i'm definitely looking forward to doing more xstitch in the future.


blah blah blah end of the year review!

first off, albums, in no particular order:



other albums i've enjoyed that weren't released this year:
Low - The Great Destroyer
Dark Dark Dark - Snow Magic
Defiance, Ohio - The Fear, The Fear, The Fear
Dan Adriano's new solowerk under the alias, The Emergency Room

Shows of Honorable Mention:
Demand in DC at the black cat, Washington DC
Bouncing Souls at the Triplerock
Kevin Devine at the Triplerock & the Varsity
Gogol Bordello at the Cabooze
The Faint at First Avenue
Propagandhi at the Triplerock
Weakerthans at the Triplerock
Manifestation: Sage Francis + more at First Ave

Are there any albums i missed this year and should check out?
i'm looking forward to new Alkaline Trio and Matt Skiba solowerk in the new year.


i'm not one much for holidays, so instead here's a picture of tilly.


oh my god.

is this what my puppy is gonna look like?



tilt fyra

 { tilly }

things i love?
my new puppy, tilly!

she's the most adorable 6-week old English Bulldog Lab mix ever! My mom craiglisted me her sister about a week ago and after calling found out that the brindle pup was already sold. not even two days later i get a phone call from my mom asking if i wanted this instead:

how could i say no? my mom tried to hold out and keep her until christmas, but with my two other dogs at home it just wasn't working out. so i got her today! sofrickencute.


& as promised...

here are the embroideries i've been working on lately.

Thugged out since Cub Scouts for my friend Jarad's birthday.


Free (Pipebomb) Umbrella!!! for Rich's 21 birthday.

and 10 days until xmas where i get the best christmas gift everrr. wantitrightnowww.



tilt tre

 { cross stitch }

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hi, my name is COMMUNIST. i am TERRORISM years old. i like to play REVOLUTION with my dog. when i grow up i want to OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT.


today was spent in my apartment fucking around with Auto and my balkan blackberry. i synced the two up and somehow managed to reformat my entire blackberry. i spent a good chunk of time redownloading applications and getting my phone back to how it used to be. still don't have my blackberry memory card problem fixed though. i watched Malcom X with my roomie and eventually put down the technology and picked up the knitting needles. i unraveled what was my first attempt at knitting and noticed it looked like a beard!

{ case in point }

i learned not only how to switch colors - which involved carlos and i making up our own way - but how to purl.  i'm making a chartreuse/grey combo - my staple colors. :)

the weather is so cold and we're getting a ton of snow! tomorrow will probably be another marathon craft day because i won't want to leave my bed.


tonight was a good craft night. recently my friends and i started a feminist art circle & while it's lacking on the feminist side, the art part is going very well. at one point we had both the livingroom and dining room filled with people, some i didn't know, working on projects. i'm excited in the next coming weeks to start doing it two nights a week (monday/wednesday) and to start incorporating films and discussion & good food. viki made a very unvegan, but oh so delicious quiche and i needle pointed from 6pm to about a halfhour ago. i completed my first real (not practice) needlepoint! i can't upload photos because it's a gift for a friend, but i will make sure to do so after i give it away.

i also took, for the first time since living at the deadbird hornhaus, a nap today in my amazing queen sized bed. lately my sleep schedule has been sleep till 2pm stay awake til 6 am so there hasn't been any real justification to nap. but today i had the perfect reasons: i worked from 9:30-2pm without any coffee. after work, i biked home in the very cold weather and jumped into bed.

i napped & it was good.

tomorrow, i'm going to make a joanne's run for cross-stitching & embroidery materials and weather permitting hangout with my lovely friend kelsey.


due to a mathematical error i won't be buying that beeaauutiful spectra polaroid camera anytime soon. instead of paying $330 off for my macbook pro, i accidently paid off the entire amount of $730. needless to say i'm broke until i get paid thursday.

on the brightside my beaaautiful macbook pro, Auto, is paid off in full in less than a semester. He's named after Auto of Wall-E... even my finder icon is Auto :)

this could easily turn into a long winded love letter about my computer and all it's technological amazements, but i should get to bed. i've got coffee gut rot and have to work at 9:30 tomorrow morning.


holy shit!

i want this!

polaroid camera

look at how tiny it gets! images stolen from polapremium respectively. i'm totally going to have to work out my budget tonight and see if i'll be impulse buying this baby in a mere 7.5 hours (early xmas gift to myself?). plus it takes fun specialty film like Wild Sides!

tilt två

crafsters local 612

the No Coast Craft-o-rama is happenin' this friday & saturday at the Midtown Global Market (literally right next door to my haus). i plan on checking it out if only to try and get my hands on a craftsters union pin.

Regretsy! recently stumbled upon from blog-surfing, and on the first page was a cat fannypack with ellen degeneres' face on it... marked at a mere 39$. a steal of a deal.

enough with the sites, on with the images!


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installation of the ghettotracer 3000.

everynight is art night when you transform into an 80 year old woman with the body of an 8 year old boy. i enjoy needle point much more than the company of others these days, but that's all right.

goal for tomorrow: leave the haus before dark.

{ first photo via viki }