no blood for oil

underglaze & slips on earthenware

The piece is intended to capture the phrase "no blood for oil" in a literal sense. Too often, Americans forget that we are currently at war with another country, or at least it would seem that way. Unlike past generations, we have yet to take the streets to put an end to the deaths of our soldiers and innocent civilians. It is upsetting because we are at war, and not just any war, but an occupation built upon the lies and deception of our leaders. Yes, the media may brush it on the evening news, but that isn't enough to end the occupation and bring our troops home. A twenty second sound bite won't bring the war home like it did during the 1960's. By painting real images from the frontlines onto a household commodity like a gas can, it's one step closer to bringing the war right to the car trunk and doorsteps of the American citizen. The gas cans are not only a reminder of the realities of war, but of the foundation on which this war was built upon – oil.

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