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this photo makes me ache for summer! 4AM bike rides to st paul and back. staying up 'til 6AM and then sleeping through the heat of the day. late night walks around the park with tillymonster and backyard BBQs. ROOTBEER. color me over winter; two more months until spring!


if all goes according to schedule, my olympus PEN should be arriving in the mail tomorrow. it's my day off so i'll be camping out on the front door until the UPS driver comes. and it's about damn time, i ordered it back in November through pictureline and it was back ordered. silly me wanted the pretty white/tan combo! i waited until last month before finally canceling my order with them (i even knew the phone person by first name!). i then ordered it through amazon, and bam! i got an e-mail saying it was back ordered for 10-14 days. UGH! i just wanted my pretty camera.

fast forward to Tuesday and while at solidarity rally for Wisconsin, i got an e-mail on my phone saying it was going to be shipped! just in time because earlier in the day i had considered canceling my order, but didn't have time.

hopefully tomorrow will kick off my 365 photo challenge, HURRAH!

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