in minneapolis we do mayday right... weather be damned. today i froze my ass off waiting and watching the hotb mayday parade. then i went home, changed my clothes, made some coffee and headed back out to perderhern (powderhorn) park to freeze my ass off some more and watch the ceremony. while i was hoping for sunshine and nice enough weather to wear a pretty dress, i still managed to have a good time. and now i can say that there ain't no mayday like a minneapolis mayday cause a minneapolis mayday don't stop (for snow flurries).

i've also started a new tradition of making some personal resolutions during mayday. i gave my self 9 easy goals to accomplish by fall, including restarting my failed 365 project.

later, inspired by a friends twitter i drew up a little something, something tonight after spending the night-in in order to warm-up...

preserving dissent

not sure what i want to do with it yet (maybe a linocut, patches?) or if i'll do anything with it at all, but it was nice to sit and doodle something for 20 minutes.

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