so after the overly-caffeinated party at our haus, kelly & i went back to cambridge for some relaxation and some thrift store shopping. the thrifting in mpls is few and far between and usually overpriced so i savor the times i get to go back and make a day out of it. it starts out by hitting up the wyoming, and then into isanti and finishing up by going to the local christian thriftstore in cambridge followed by the normal one and ending up in the co-op/coffee/used bookstore trio. love, love, love.

{ family pathways - wyoming, minnesota }
- 2 vintage maps of the twin cities & their suburbs
- a minnesota platter
- a ballglass jar mug

{ family pathways - isanti, minnesota }
- large bird embroidery
- raccoon needlepoint project
- turquois faux-bois table cloth
- a set of embroidery hoops (one oval!)

{ family pathways - cambridge, minnesota }
- large art/booze bottle
- farm embroidery
- jar (to be used with spices)
- metal embroidery hoop

plus, my grandpa picked me up a grocery bags worth of embroidery hoops from here a week earlier! we didn't have time to hit up the christian thriftstore this trip, but at the co-op i got an adorable (and local) mint sugar spice and at the bookstore an old book about beans with a lot of good recipes. after this run-a-round trip i went back to the cambridge family pathways to pick up a gutted record cabinet i had my eyes on:

it was on clearance for $10! i'm excited to fill it with nice speakers and to get an analog record player to put in it. i'm also going to make it functionable with a split in the case of wanting to hook my laptop up to it. it will most likely go into my bedroom, or maybe the livingroom, and if all else fails & i don't like it i re-craigslist it.

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