working on my first pattern for a sassy feminist patch. once i complete it, i'll upload it for your enjoyment/use. here's a sneak peak:

today was the first day of classes at the university of minnesota and my first (official) day as a college dropout. how does one spend their time when they don't have to go to class? get up early as fuck, drink way to much coffee, and protest General Mills & Cargill! today i was proud to be part of a 42 person caravan of twincities activists to take part in the bannering of general mills headquarters with the Rainforest Action Network. While GM preaches sustainability and transparency, they are currently in cahoots with Cargill in destroying rainforests by using palm oil. findout more at www.theproblemwithpalmoil.org.


aerial shot: 

{ photos via tcindymedia }

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