if i can build a loom, i can build a bomb

yesterday i started week one of four weeks of weaving though Experimental College (EXCO). in a mere three hours we were able to make and string a frame loom, kinda like the one above. that's a pretty big accomplishment considering i finally managed to crawl out of bed around 2pm, haha. next week we're going to start weaving, and i offered to bring the coldpress to They Won't Find Us Here gallery where we're working out of. i'm still trying to decide what would be a good first project that won't be too difficult. most of my ideas are pretty extravagant right now.

through EXCO i'm also reading We Are An Image From the Future, on the greet revolt of 2008. the first discussion date is set for sunday, and i'm about halfway though the reading. the best part is that the reading group is taking part on 3 fronts: one group in minneapolis, a group in santa barbara, and all together online: http://greekrevolts.wordpress.com/. feel free to follow along!

and today i'm picking up a kombucha scoby from one of my coworkers. i'm excited to try and make some kombucha, especially since GT has been taken off the shelves for being actually alcoholic. and while i love to buy local products, Unpeeled Kombucha is only good if you're getting the Spicy Mojito variety. i think the timing is perfect for me to start brewing my own! i hope this works at as gateway down the long dark path of fermentation, haha.

blah blah blah, words!

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