a methlab revisited..

it's been a while since i've been able to partake in a methlab monday. partly due to craftivities being moved to wednesday night hardtimes and partly due to sheer laziness. today, however, was a new day, in fact, it was my only day off this week. the only day where i don't have to be at work, a meeting, or a work meeting all week. so it was decided that today would be an all day craft-a-thon. i got up around noon (sleeping in is awesome) and ran and bought some toilet paper. made a few texts to get the crew together and by 3:30 the gang was all here!

after a short span of chit-chatting, we started to get our craft-on. while i didn't actually accomplish a granny square or anything of the crocheted manner, i did manage to get my slipstitch to look good. i continued to craft after some of my friends left, and then more came back and i continued to craft! at this point i switched to xstitching to continue working on my very botched edition of this pattern.

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