i woke up this morning feeling slightly disgruntled at all the International Women's Day well-wishing occurring over my dashboard. i was upset that instead of large rallies and marches there was just online recognition and articles by white-socialist-men-who-just-don't-get-it spamming my social networking sites.

after i while i headed out and went to Peace Coffee for a pourover and some time to read CUNT. i ate chili, drank coffee, read, and listened to the tunes of Coco Rosie & Dark Dark Dark. after a couple of hours i decided to leave and stop by saver's on my way home. i ran into my friend Hallie as she was loading up her newly thrifted couch and then went inside to wander.

at this point of the day, i decided that i was going to celebrate IWD afterall. i headed towards the tapes section and was set on getting a cassette or two of music by women. and i picked up these:

after that i wandered over to the grab bag section looking for a purpletagged (50% off) score. in the office supplies i managed to find a bag of cards and postcards ... ALL FEMALE / FEMINIST BASED! at least 150 of them for 1.50$

sojourner truth postcard

and i finally found a pair of pants in my size and black for relatively cheap... unfortunately they were made by MILEY CYRUS. well not by her specifically, but more likely the women of vietnam (đoàn kết sisters!)

i spent the rest of the night at a meeting with some pretty radical women and then hanging out with everyone at an IWD show.

so if anyone wants a belated IWD card,
shoot me an e-mail at collateralxdamage (at) gmail (d0t) com.

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