tilt: femton

i love today! not because it was st patricks day, but because of all the awesomeness that was flowing my way. at work during my 6 hour shift i received from my coworkers:
  • a holga camera with instant back
  • 1lb of 100% kona coffee
  • advice on sewing my vest

i came  home took the dog on a walk and then got a burrito for dinner (in true st patty's day fashion, but HEY! i did drink a green soda). i then biked to the grease rag where my friend luci passed down her trekmobile to me and a racing hat! she's been selling hats & crafts in order to help pay for her dog GIZMOBOT's medication. if you're in mpls and want some sweet swag to help out a great cause, holla at me! and then i went and saw my coworkers band Shaking Babies play at CAUSE before coming home and crawling into bed.

new bike!

StellaStar Trekmobile!

and today was payday which means i'll be rolling on stellastar in no time flat. hope your day was splendid too!

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