tonight was a good craft night. recently my friends and i started a feminist art circle & while it's lacking on the feminist side, the art part is going very well. at one point we had both the livingroom and dining room filled with people, some i didn't know, working on projects. i'm excited in the next coming weeks to start doing it two nights a week (monday/wednesday) and to start incorporating films and discussion & good food. viki made a very unvegan, but oh so delicious quiche and i needle pointed from 6pm to about a halfhour ago. i completed my first real (not practice) needlepoint! i can't upload photos because it's a gift for a friend, but i will make sure to do so after i give it away.

i also took, for the first time since living at the deadbird hornhaus, a nap today in my amazing queen sized bed. lately my sleep schedule has been sleep till 2pm stay awake til 6 am so there hasn't been any real justification to nap. but today i had the perfect reasons: i worked from 9:30-2pm without any coffee. after work, i biked home in the very cold weather and jumped into bed.

i napped & it was good.

tomorrow, i'm going to make a joanne's run for cross-stitching & embroidery materials and weather permitting hangout with my lovely friend kelsey.

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