clusterfcuk chili

my very own, one of a kind, homemade vegan chili recipe!

{ ingredients }
4 cups of bulk black beans
peppers: green, red, habanero, jalapeno
1 red onion
1 can of black olives
a tomato or two
1 pack of extra firm tofu
1 giant can of crushed tomatoes (28 oz)
10 oz frozen corn
{ spices }
chili powder

1. soak black beans in chili powder / water over night. { info on soaking beans }

2. cook beans in chili powder / water until soft (usually >45 minutes)
& cut vegetables (excluding pineapple). i get a lot of what's in my chili in the free bin at my the coop i work at.

3. once beans are cooked, add in the stewed tomatoes, corn, & vegetables.
3.5 generously add spices to taste.
break apart tofu block into pieces and add to the mixture.

4. put in a slow cooker or continue to cook onstove top until all is cooked. you might want to cook the vegetables before hand if you don't like raw onions, or raw habanero peppers (!!! extremely hot !!!). i usually don't in order to keep the peppers and onion crunchy.

5. once all is cooked, add in the pineapple. it makes a nice sweet contrast with the spiciness of the rest of the chili.

the last time i made this chili and it fed all my art friends and then my haus for the rest of the week.

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