recently my bloggg has gotten more visitors thanks to a post on MrxStitch! which in turn doubled the number of downloads of my Feminist Cross Stitch Pattern. A wonderful downloader / fellow xstitcher, Ann, sent me in the above image of her rendition of the pattern. She also said that she's gonna teach her sister to xstitch using this same pattern!

it's a great way to learn to stitch and get the feminist talk going. my plan is to invite over some art circle friends in the future and start talking about issues that concern us, & this is a good introduction project.

tonight i'm going to not craft (boo!), but organize my basement into a more efficient art studio (yay!).

So yeah, Thanks again Ann for sending in your work, and a big thanks for the Shout Out on MrxStitch! i'm a big fan! & if you downloaded the pattern and made something rad, send me an email at collateralxdamage (at) gmail (dot) com!

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