lately i've been in a funk where if i'm not playing laser tag i'm in bed no later than one. i don't want to blame it on the weather, but something has been keeping me down as of late. after a sketchy interaction last night in our backyard, a bunch of friends came over tonight to search our basement for treasure. a kid dived into our crawlspace to pull out an old empty box. no bling, no drugs, no AK47s, but an old janky box.

i guess what i'm trying to say is i should leave the haus more often and have some of that good ol' human interaction.

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  1. once the weather gets nice, we should go out on bikes with a bunch of empty bags and collect cool shit from dumpsters, bring the stuff back to the haus, and wonder what art to make out of it, but maybe not make anything, and then just drink a bunch of coffee and talk about more adventures.