today it reached 64 degrees in the minneap! for those of you not familiar with minnesota, anything above 20 degrees midmarch is basically shorts weather. i was abrubtly awoken around 8:30 this morning (7:30 predaylight savings) after going to bed around 4 am. i rolled out of bed at 9:30 ate breakfast and starting my coffee regiment for the day before i headed to work. i had a 2 shot depth charge followed by a 2 shot mocha (with coldpress instead of milk). i sat down finished reading Assata Shakur's autobiography while listening to BK One & Brother Ali's newest albums. tilly and i played outside for a while then i biked to work and drank 12 more oz of cold press. halfway through my shift i was notified via email that i won this gem on ebay!

red white & buzz lightyear!

now i sit here drinking a vault and mentally preparing myself to head to cambridge tomorrow. i'm going to spend the next few days relaxing, socializing tilly, and crafting... goodbye minneapolis, hello boredom!

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  1. caffeine plus buzz lightyear? What a wonderful day! Just as you're leaving MPLS, I'll be coming back.