when life gives you a goat, paint that shit GOLD

my mom likes to say that when i go thrifting that i don't buy weird things, i buy the really weird things. case in point? a framed goat sculpture. as soon as i saw it i knew i had to buy it, paint it gold, and hang it in our living room... and voila!

since i already had the spraypaint out i decided to transform this ice sign i picked up while living with my landlord's dad (don't ask) and turn it into a life-sized polaroid. shazam!

turns into


  1. love the 'stache. haha. I'll be processing film tomorrow. I'll let you about the adventures of super dick and emily dickinson. ridickulous.

  2. we should've painted the superdick GOLD!

  3. shit! i put the damn thing through the dishwasher today. after being around the block, with a cat, and in an oven and a dirty sink, i figured it could use a scrubbin'.