to infinity and beyond!

yesterday i went to the mall (of america) and was quite successful in my findings for once. i got an "outfit" and other fun things... like a buzz lightyear lego keychain. i don't go to the mall often, but everytime i have since the toystory edition legos have come out, i've checked the lego store for this exact item, and everytime i've been dissapointed.... until yesterday that is. 

i also managed to find yellow hairdye which is somewhat impossible to find. the last bottle i found was at north country coop my first week of classes at the University. the coop shutdown a few months later and i hadn't found another bottle in the three years i've been living in minneapolis... until yesterday that is.

now all i need to find is a pair of these pj's in size 12 for boys and my life will be complete. seems sizing only runs to 8.

and just 'cause... more lightyear goodiness!


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