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when life gives you a goat, paint that shit GOLD

my mom likes to say that when i go thrifting that i don't buy weird things, i buy the really weird things. case in point? a framed goat sculpture. as soon as i saw it i knew i had to buy it, paint it gold, and hang it in our living room... and voila!

since i already had the spraypaint out i decided to transform this ice sign i picked up while living with my landlord's dad (don't ask) and turn it into a life-sized polaroid. shazam!

turns into


what's my age again?

and i lose ahundredandfiftythousand bloggerpoints for referencing blink182. (btw, it's sjugotv.)

last night i was able to fulfill one of my goals from when i was 15 by seeing THE SOVIETTES play for the first time ever. i never got my license which kept me from seeing them in highschool. the one show i almost made it to (but didn't) ended up being their final show. talk about double bummer. yaaay for reunion shows & rarities LPs.

... now if only i can make it to a dark dark dark show before the end of the century.



today it reached 64 degrees in the minneap! for those of you not familiar with minnesota, anything above 20 degrees midmarch is basically shorts weather. i was abrubtly awoken around 8:30 this morning (7:30 predaylight savings) after going to bed around 4 am. i rolled out of bed at 9:30 ate breakfast and starting my coffee regiment for the day before i headed to work. i had a 2 shot depth charge followed by a 2 shot mocha (with coldpress instead of milk). i sat down finished reading Assata Shakur's autobiography while listening to BK One & Brother Ali's newest albums. tilly and i played outside for a while then i biked to work and drank 12 more oz of cold press. halfway through my shift i was notified via email that i won this gem on ebay!

red white & buzz lightyear!

now i sit here drinking a vault and mentally preparing myself to head to cambridge tomorrow. i'm going to spend the next few days relaxing, socializing tilly, and crafting... goodbye minneapolis, hello boredom!


craft harder.

about halfway done with my project. here's an action shot because i can.



tonight's project, wish me luck.

happy international women's day

band: bikini kill
song: rebel girl
site: digital archive


live, love, lawl.

a test stitch for my live, love, lawl xstitch. there's a lot of things wrong with it that i notice, but nobody else probably does, ahhh well, & somethings to fix for round 2, but first i have some other projects in mind before i try this one again. :)


to infinity and beyond!

yesterday i went to the mall (of america) and was quite successful in my findings for once. i got an "outfit" and other fun things... like a buzz lightyear lego keychain. i don't go to the mall often, but everytime i have since the toystory edition legos have come out, i've checked the lego store for this exact item, and everytime i've been dissapointed.... until yesterday that is. 

i also managed to find yellow hairdye which is somewhat impossible to find. the last bottle i found was at north country coop my first week of classes at the University. the coop shutdown a few months later and i hadn't found another bottle in the three years i've been living in minneapolis... until yesterday that is.

now all i need to find is a pair of these pj's in size 12 for boys and my life will be complete. seems sizing only runs to 8.

and just 'cause... more lightyear goodiness!


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{LLL} sneak peak


sneak peak of what i've been stitching for the past few days.
very basic xstitchiness with a color scheme i'm quite proud of... should be done with within the next few days and then i'd like to try my hand at a portrait series in honor of Women's History Month.



power post!

the back of my closet
all drawings mine except viki's portrait of me & the photograph

one of molly's photographs, featuring your truly, mentioned in a previous post.

working on a few new pieces, embroidery & xstitch. i have the entire week off so hopefully i will be productive! i also went and watched minnesota's first men's flat track derby team play saturday night at cheapskate... a very ghetto rollerrink. the guys ranged from 21 to 50+ i swear! and were ridiculously clumbsy, but overall it was a great time! can't wait until next month when they pick team names instead of being squads black&blue. totally a blacksquad fan btdubz.